• Wireless Internet

    ((Fast and affordable internet access now available))

    Capped Internet.

    Enjoy unshaped internet for watching Youtube movies, download emails, do banking or just browse the web.

    Uncapped Internet.

    Heavy users, enjoy downloading movies, music and other software at high speeds.

    VPN Connections.

    Do you have offices in different areas? Why not connect them with our high speed network?


  • Web Design

    ((Choose between normal HTML website, or Database driven website))

    Web Design .

    Web Design is our passion, clean, fast and latest designs for you right now.

    HTML designs Layout.

    Latest HTML 5 designs - prices from R 1500.00 per site, contact us for more info

    Database Designs .

    Using this option you update your own website - Prices from R 2500.00, Contact us for more info


  • WebHosting

    ((Fast green energy servers for your website,available on the web 365 days a year))

    Home User .

    Hosting from as little as R 29.00 per month.

    Business Hosting.

    Get the full hosting plan with all platforms from only R 69.00 per month

    Corporate Hosting.

    Get the full hosting plan with all platforms from only R 129.00 per month


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Skype Support or Sales, please note you need Skype to talk to us :) if you do not have Skype please use our online support button

  • September 20th +

    Early morning going up the mountain a 2 hour drive to get to the top........mission - repair our internet tower due Read More
  • July 18th +

    Farmers in the Overberg in the Western Cape, are reaping the benefits of reliable, fast and affordable wireless internet – thanks Read More
  • May 28th +

    South African Facebook profiles are being cloned and used to solicit money, The Times newspaper reported on Tuesday. read more Read More
  • IT Web & B360 +

    Issued by WAPA - Johannesburg - 1 Sept 2011 - read more here Read More
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